Frequent Asked Questions (FAQ)

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The aim of the platform is to inform third parties and share both goods and consumables which an organization or person has and which it is desirable to obtain a greater use and profitability.

Can be registered all the goods and consumables which can be used. The sharing of a good or material does not necessarily imply that another person use it by himself or any condition imposed by, depending only by the agreement reached by owners and users who wish to use the goods or consumables. However, Matter Sharing S.L. reserves the right of admission, by prior communication of those goods or materials that could violate ethical or moral principles, or violate applicable law, in which case it would be disabled on the platform.

There are 3 types of users, having to select one of them to make the registration of a new user:

  • Independent or freelance persons:
  • It corresponds to those users who perform their professional activity as self-employed or is separately, or those who, despite belonging to an organization, does not want to link the goods to the organization.

  • Organizations:
  • It is focused on those organizations, public or private, that they want to administer of joint form or to include the goods of the different users of the same one. The user who registers an organization is considered to be the person responsible for the introduction of the information needed from the above mentioned organization in the platform, not being the person that necessarily I released from the hospital the different goods, which will be realized on the part of the users of the same one. The relation of users of an organization will be carried out automatically from the DNS of the e-mail address as safety measurement to guarantee his belonging to the same one.

  • Users of an organization:
  • Intended for users who belong to an organization and want to include their goods or materials within the scope of the organization, so that all the goods of the organization can be jointly associated and thus gain the same privileges of the organization. It is not essential that the organization has been created previously to the registration form, due to its existence will be checked at the beginning of each user session.

After selecting the type of user, it is necessary to introduce email and password; the email will be also used to know if a user belongs to an organization or another. Then, to complete the registration and validation of the user, we will proceed to send an e-mail confirmation to the new user. After validation of the registration, will be necessary to introduce data relating to the name, location and telephone number of the user. The location will be used to assign a default location to the goods or material submitted by the user and serve therefore to geographically identify the assets, being possible to change the location of the user and of the property on an interactive map.

The information associated with a good is basically divided into three groups. On the one hand the information necessary to know the name and a brief description of its usefulness is requested, which will be used to find a well or another database from a search term and a picture of good . Moreover, the information necessary to know their status, conditions of use and price and its availability is required. Finally, information concerning to its location, whether precise or generic form, so that it can have a map of the different goods and serve to the user to find the best based on their geographic location.

It is not necessary - the platform allows to look for goods that are of public access to users who are not registered, although it is necessary to register (free of charge) and login to access to the full information, all in order to make the use of the platform in a transparent and rational way, and being able to know in what places of the world there are the users who gain access to look for the goods released in the platform.

In case of having an username in the Loop research network (Frontiers), it is possible to use it for accessing to platform. function is to serve as a platform available to both property owners and remaining consumables and users who want to make use of it, in order to get in touch both parts, not operating Sharing Matter SL at any time as an intermediary of the communication or agreement that may arise, unless express consent of any of the parts.

The only responsible for the goods submitted to the platform is the person that appears in the information associated with each goods, exempting Sharing Matter SL of any liability or noncompliance associated with the communication or agreement made between good owners or remaining consumables and users who want to make use of it. Similarly, Matter Sharing S.L. disclaims any responsibility associated with the bad use of the platform.