The terms of use of the SharingMatter.com platform presented below may be subject to change by Sharing Matter S.L. at any time and in its sole discretion, with immediate effect for new users, remaining unchanged for users who have previously signed an agreement with Matter Sharing S.L. till the expiry of the specified period in each case.


It is understood at all times that the user that uses the SharingMatter.com platform accept the updated agreement entirely, warning Sharing Matter S.L. by e-mail of the produced changes, in case they were, to the users already registered for his information. Please, regularly check these terms of use to see the current terms.

All users of SharingMatter.com, registered or not registered in our database, agree and recognize all the legal terms set forth in these terms of use to find, share, sell, buy, give, donate or publicize any goods and consumables, as well as potential associated services with these, through SharingMatter.com platform, including SharingMatter.com Privacy Policy and any additional services that can be offered, accepting that access to all the information contained and some services may be subject to prior registration or the expressed condition terms by other users for their registered goods.

The content provided in the platform must not be inaccurate, misleading or false, or have other purposes than those described in the preceding paragraph, being the responsibility of the corresponding user to perform the necessary changes or notify to SharingMatter.com in case of being not possible to perform due to a platform malfunction.

The use of the SharingMatter.com Service is available only to personal and organizations who are fully qualified to establish legally binding contracts, not being allowed to register on the SharingMatter.com platform users younger than 14 year old.

The non performance of these prior conditions when a user uses the Service or access to SharingMatter.com platform and the data contained in our database will mean a violation of the Terms of Use.


In case some of the Terms of Use set forth in this Agreement are considered as non-application, it will be withdrawn without notice at the sole discretion of Sharing Matter S.L., following the rest of the current Terms of Use.

The lack of action by Matter Sharing S.L. with respect to the violation or breach of the Terms of Use by a user or organization, it does not preclude the right to act with respect to subsequent or similar breaches carried out.

Sharing Matter S.L. can correct this Agreement at any time by publishing the corrected conditions on this website. Unless exception or otherwise specified, all corrections will be made automatically effective 30 days after publication.

This Agreement establishes the manner of use, objectives and planned and allowed actions among users of the platform and Sharing Matter S.L.


Using the SharingMatter.com platform you fully accept the following terms:

The use of the platform will be held by the accesses, records, validations, buttons or search boxes located to that effect, agreeing not to use any robot or other automated means to prevent access procedures established to access to the content registered in our database, whatever the purpose or to cause traffic that may involve the poor performance of the platform or interfere with their activity.


At the present time the use of the platform is FREE, but is expected in short-term a required payment to proceed with the registering of goods by a user or organization (the registering of users or organization always is FREE), depending the amount of the payment to the conditions specified in our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) webpage.

In the field of use of the platform according to specific agreements with the interested parties, if an organization wishes, Matter Sharing S.L. may act as an intermediary with other organizations to speed up the management procedures needed to make use of the property, in which case Matter Sharing S.L. will receive from these entities an economic amount by the service, being previously agreed in each case with them.

SharingMatter.com payments will be made through the online payment gateway located on the platform (still non-existent).


The name, design, brand, image, logos and distinctive signs of any kind which appears on the website are property of SharingMatter.com or third parties, not giving any rights to the ownership of its content to the SharingMatter.com. platform users

The SharingMatter.com platform is constantly evolving, so that under no circumstances any user or organization will be entitled to compensation or reimbursement of any kind from Sharing Matter S.L. due to ideas, suggestions or recommendations that could mean future developments of the platform by Sharing Matter S.L.

Similarly, Sharing Matter S.L. will not attribute to itself the right of ownership over the content registered by a user or an organization, and it will not assigned to itself, belonging the ownership of all the texts, images or information the users or organizations which register the different goods.

According to the established statement described in the previous section titled "USE OF SHARINGMATTER.COM", shall not be published in the platform content that:


According to the Principles relating to data Quality (Articles 4 LOPD and 8 RLOPD of Spanish Laws), the personal data are collected only for treatment, with the utmost confidentiality and in accordance with current legislation in Spain, and with the explicit and legitimate purpose indicated in these Terms of Use.

As it is established in the Spanish Law 15/1999 about Protection of Personal Data, the collecting the data of personal users (no organizations or companies) involves the incorporation into a database owned by Matter Sharing S.L. registered in the General Data Protection Registry, which can be rectified, completed or deleted by Sharing Matter S.L. when a user request.

If you do not want that your information will be transferred in the manner indicated in the preceding two paragraphs, please do not use the platform.

Sharing Matter S.L. will not sell to third parties the personal data of its users or organizations, or content hosted on the platform, or the use or non-use, or traffic of visits, or other information associated with the contents that may be relevant to carry out activities marketing, market research, or other activities without the express consent of the responsible user or organization.

In case that Sharing Matter S.L. share to third parties information about visitors to the web platform, anonymously or aggregate with third parties such as advertisers, sponsors or auditors for the sole purpose of improving our services, processing shall be regulated by the Spanish laws and all rights associated with the data protection will be respected in accordance with the current regulations.


Sharing Matter S.L. shall not be liable, under any circumstances and at any time, of the goods and consumable materials registered by users or organizations, as well as the information or photographies associated.

Each user of the platform acts without any obligation and recognize that the Service offered by the SharingMatter.com platform allows third parties to inform those goods and consumable materials remaining at the disposal of the user or organization to which it belongs, and which wants to make greater use, at any time, from anywhere, and under the assignment to different types of users (freelance or independent organizations, user organizations or personal), being this Service the using objective of the platform.

By default, Sharing Matter S.L. is not related to the agreements, conversations, transactions or guarantees of work to be carried out between their users, so Sharing Matter S.L. cannot guarantee the quality, safety, legality, availability, reliability or accuracy of the contents of the goods or consumable materials registered at the platform, nor the correct use made by third parties, not the fulfillment of the agreement made between both parts (owner and third parties), so it exempts Sharing Matter S.L. from any liability, claims, demands or damages of any kind and nature that arise on this matter, whether direct or indirect, as well as its managers, employees and partners.

As a result of not meeting the terms of use set forth in this Agreement, Sharing Matter S.L., its managers, employees and partners, may be compensated as a result of a claim or demand made.


In order that the platform works correctly, without abuses and as mutual interest, please get in touch with Sharing Matter S.L. to report content which detects that breach or violate the policy and objective of the platform - Sharing Matter S.L. always guarantee the anonymity of the source of the information.

In those cases in which will be detected that someone, not belonging to an existing organization in any country, has registered it at the platform without his consent and for personal gain, Sharing Matter S.L. reserves to itself, with previous notice, the right of modifying the information associated with the above mentioned registered organization or with the blockade of this one.

Similarly, in cases where a user is registered at the platform as a member of an organization of any country without belonging to to the same one or without their consent, in order to harm it or his own benefit, Sharing Matter S.L. reserves to itself, with previous notice, the right of blocking the above mentioned users.

Likewise, it is not allowed to register goods or materials which are not legally available or not depends on the specified user or organization of which the user depends, reserving Sharing Matter S.L., with previous notice, the right of removing a registered good or material if deemed fraudulent or illegitimate.

Sharing Matter S.L. can remove those user accounts, organizations or hosted content if it has been registered to harm property rights of third parties, trademark or existing organization in any country, or impairs the use of SharingMatter.com. Similarly, Sharing Matter S.L. reserves the right to cancel not validated or inactive for a long time accounts, as well as change or modify the Service, platform and tools for a concrete user.

Sharing Matter S.L. will not supply to third parties information that a user or organization has not expressly indicated that it is publicly available. Likewise, neither will supply the information derived from the visibility of the goods and resources registered by a user or organization, such as analytical data obtained from the web platform or arising agreements between user or organization with third parties, unless otherwise stated.


Unless the existence of a previous agreement with Sharing Matter S.L., Sharing Matter S.L. is not involved in the transaction or agreement made between the owner of the good or material and the user who wants to use it, being the unique mission by defect of Sharing Matter S.L. to put in contact both parties through the use of the platform. So, in case of complaint or dispute, it shall be settled between the owner of the good or material and the user who makes use or want to use it, or by organizations of which hang the above mentioned users and properties, exempting Sharing Matter S.L. of the claim.


Any communication to be sent to Sharing Matter S.L. can be done by e-mail to info@sharingmatter.com or by writing to the Registered Office, located at C/Huerta de la Sacedilla 17-1, 28221 Majadahonda (Madrid - Spain).

If Sharing Matter S.L. needs to get in touch with you, it will be done by using the e-mail provided at the registration data.


In case of being not possible to obtain a friendly solution to any dispute or claim arises from the interpretation or the execution of this agreement and get directly involved Sharing Matter S.L., this one will be regulated by the Spanish law and it will be submitted expressly to the Resolution that, according to his specific procedure, dictates the Madrid Official Chamber of Commerce and Industry Arbitration Court.


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